November 16, 2016


What Clients Say

In terms of having someone who you really felt was your ally though all of this, who was there helping you through a very complicated process… You just did that for us. It was really remarkable. We’ve bought and sold things since and it’s just not been the same. Your attention to detail, your knowledge of how things work, your sense of us and what we wanted and did not want… All those things made it such an easy process.” -Ned H. (Buyer/Seller, Brentwood/Los Angeles CA)

“It was a difficult transfer that went as well as you could ask. We needed someone really good and I thought you were that someone. You always were timely, putting in the call at the right time, shepherding the process along. You were always available. That’s a good feeling. It was a great job….” -Doug W. (Trustee/Seller, Westwood/Los Angeles CA)

“Thank you so much for the successful selling of our house. I appreciate all of your efforts and diligence in finding the right buyer and getting the best price. Also for all the hand holding and patience!…” -Laurel S. (Seller, Beverly Grove/Los Angeles CA)

“Tom knew what he was talking about, wasn’t afraid to speak the truth, whether it was what we were expecting or not, and did whatever was needed to do… This is a person who was able to give spot on advice for us to ready the house for market, sell a stair street house (no small feet), keep me from going crazy, wrap up a closing while his clients were driving 3,000 miles away, and still keep us laughing… I highly recommend Tom, he is a great realtor and a funny man!” -Cindy D. (Seller, Echo Park/Los Angeles CA)

“Thanks for helping us navigate the uncertainties and challenges of a fast moving transaction both swiftly and professionally….” -Corin K. (Seller, West Hollywood CA; Buyer, Santa Monica CA)

“Thanks for your fantastic counsel & patience for all the almost closes we had. Thrilled to have found ourselves such a great home with your help… You made what could have been a really difficult process enjoyable and easy. I’m actually going to miss house hunting with you a bit! If you ever need a reference or testimonial please think of us first. I’ve already recommended you to our friends… and would be happy to again. It was a real pleasure…” -Allison T. and Beck P. (Buyers, Hollywood Hills/Los Angeles CA)

“Thank you for making it an easy process and for keeping us calm in the midst of the storm…” -Aron G. (Seller, Beverly Grove/Los Angeles CA)

“Thank you for all the great work you did with us. It wasn’t easy to work with three very different people, but you did a wonderful job and we’re all very grateful to get our price and the perfect buyers…” -Arana G. (Trustee/Seller, El Cerrito/San Francisco CA)

“Tom was able to get me multiple offers during a horrible market, sell my property for well over asking and close the entire transaction in a short time. Amazing! He also helped me stage the property, gave me fantastic tips on how to appeal to buyers and did it all with a smile. It is always a pleasure to work with someone with his breadth of knowledge in real estate, architecture and design.” -Dawn T, (Seller, Mar Vista/Los Angeles CA)

“We are thrilled to bits, and so very grateful to you for making this all happen…” -Joanne P.  (Buyer, Brentwood/Los Angeles CA)

“Thanks for all your wonderful service and attention on our behalf… You’re my real estate guru…” -Mary M (Buyer, Playa Vista CA)

“Thanks for closing the deal. You’ve been amazing! There’s not enough space or words to thank you for all your work + wisdom these last few months, and years for that matter…” -Amy and Dick G. (Sellers/Buyers, Westwood/Los Angeles CA)

“You are truly wonderful and dependable. We are grateful to be able to rely on you… it has been a long journey. Thank you so much for taking it with us and for helping us through the bumps… Thank you, Erik, for your first-class care and guidance…” -Rick and Jessica K. (Sellers/Buyers, Hancock Park/Studio City CA)

“I just wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication to the house… I’d like to thank you for the great advice and cool-headed approach… I can honestly say that I always felt that you had my best interest in mind… Your honesty and integrity was evident at every little cliff- hanger turn!…” -Ed F. (Buyer, Hollywood/Los Angeles CA)

“Thanks so much from all of us. What a wonderful result – and we couldn’t have done it without your expertise and understanding…” -Richard S. (Buyer, Los Angeles CA)

“For being so HELPFUL… thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…“ -Zoe C. (Seller, Palm Springs, Beverlywood/Los Angeles CA)

“You’re extremely thorough… You successfully and accurately communicated my position… You did right by me every step of the way. You took very good care of me…” -Michael G. (Buyer, Calabasas/Los Angeles CA)

“Thank you for putting such thoughtful care into the listing. I feel it really feels loving and makes the house shine. I would have run over to see this property!…” -Monica P. (Seller, Silverlake/Los Angeles CA)

“We both really appreciate all the work you did and great advice you gave us during this process. We felt we were in great hands and valued your presence at all stages so much! …Thank you for all you did to help us navigate the often overwhelming task of looking for, finding, negotiating, and closing on our new home… And you did so with a level head, grace, and respect.” -Melissa J. and Dan G. (Buyers, Westwood CA)

“You made it into something bearable… ..” -Rose B. (Trustee/Seller, Silverlake/Los Angeles)

What Professionals Say

“Erik was critical to the success of the whole project, advising us during design and construction, keeping tabs on the project during construction, pre-marketing, having our opening be successful, helping us guide the interior designers during staging – – the whole process from start to finish. This wasn’t just an engagement to sell some houses. This was guidance from the beginning.” -Matthew J. (Multifamily Developer/Seller, Los Angeles CA)

“Having now watched you work your magic from the buyer and seller’s point of view multiple times, I can absolutely say that your intelligent and low-key approach was invaluable.  Your knowledge of the development process, as well as your attentiveness and speed in fielding questions from prospective buyers certainly helped us to close and close well on five units…” –Dan G. (Developers On-Site Representative, West Hollywood CA)

“You are, hands down, one of the most detail oriented real estate guys, and it improves the quality of the work.” -Mark Singer (Real Estate Photographer)

“You were a pleasure to work with every step of the way!!” -Michelle Piccirillo (Wells Fargo Private Mortgage Banking)

“You are a star! Thanks Erik!” -David Offer. (Real Estate Agent, Prudential CA) 

“Wow – You are good…..” -Athena Bazar. (Escrow Officer, Owner, Escrow Exchange West) 

“Erik Lerner is an interesting character. He’s an architect and a real estate broker. He has a really interesting site. I’d recommend everyone visit…” -Bradley Inman (Publisher of 

“I was impressed by your knowledge, credentials, and overall approach…” -Barbara Lamprecht (Historian, Author – Neutra: Complete Works) 

“Congratulations on winning the Top Agent Production Award… You’ve done a great job, and are a real asset to the company. Your innovation and persistence made all the difference…” -Rob Aigner (Keller Williams Beverly Hills Team Leader)